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Long stretch of summer-like weather ahead for Metro Vancouver

Environment Canada says Metro Vancouver is in for at least a week of unseasonably hot and dry weather. The mercury begins to climb Thursday with highs of 18 degrees C, 22 degrees C inland, and then spikes on Friday. The UV index for Thursday is;Calgary's Premiere Window Tint, Window Film & 3M™ Paint Protection Studio;The last stretch of New York’s High Line opened Sunday, completing one of the America’s most distinctive urban transformations: abandoned elevated rails that have been turned into a linear oasis;Pioneer in the paint protection industry, Protex gives you the right alternative. In collaboration with the most famous paint protection film manufacturers, Protex has developed its  Protex also uses the latest hardware and software to;Victory Vinyls is a distributor and wholesale of vinyl products across Canada and is a leader in Graphic;Call 403.243.8261, Raven Graphics is dedicated to providing quality Vehicle Graphics Wraps, 3M Paint

3M™ Paint Protection Film Studio

Calgary's Premiere Window Tint, Window Film & 3M™ Paint Protection Studio;The Slow Mo Guys film balloons filled with paint smashing together in mid air, in super slow motion in partnership with Foster's Rocks;XPEL Paint Protection Kits Made with XPEL Paint Protection Film. Select Vehicle Type. Passenger Cars & Light Trucks Recreational Vehicles Motorcycles Commercial Vehicles.;Are your paint protection kits difficult to install? We went through extra efforts to find the perfect product/film that would allow a first timer to have great success in installing our product.