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Thin Polymer Film Uniaxial Stretching (MDO)

A small stretching machine that can stretch up to 300 mm long film (1 mm 200 mm wide) film. A table-top machine direction orientation machine (MDO) that can stretch small rolls of polymer film > 100 m long (up to 300 mm ;Stretch Film. Stretch Film or Pallet Stretch Wrap is an elastic-plastic packaging material used to keep products tightly bound to ensure their safety during shipping and transportation. Stretch Films are commonly used to secure boxes and pallets, keeping them together and protecting them from water, moisture, dust, and other contaminants.;This paper reviews fabrication, application, and mechanics of stretchable thin film materials. Methods and fabrication processes of realizing stretchability in different thin films, such as;Capable of 250% stretch that represents great value for money converting one metre on the roll to 3.5 metres on the customer pallet. This high performance stretch film ;Stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is used for wrapping around products and keeping wrapped-items tightly bound. It is widely used in pallet wrapping to keep palletised goods sturdy thus improve warehousing and logistics efficiency and safety, while also being used in bundling smaller items.;Machine Stretch Films Sustainable Machine Stretch Film Up to a share of 30% post-consumer recyclate (PCR) 5-layer machine stretch film Comparable properties with our POLIFILM stretch film type ACC01PLUS Ideal for pallet wrapping and load unit security It´s all about the right mixture

3,000mm cast stretch line runs at 600 m/min

3,000 mm wide cast stretch, 7-layer structure, 2,100 kg/h of Power Film. Hand, machine and jumbo reels on 2” and 3” cores. The Italian company Colines has manufactured, test-run and delivered the latest version of a 3,000 ;DUO PLAST offers outstanding multilayer agricultural stretch films for wrapping round and square bales. 1 year UV resistance, high resistance to tearing, and food safe: all this provides the best prerequisites for excellent feed quality. All our films are easy and safe to process using conventional wrapping machines.;There are a variety of thin film machines available on that can be purchased depending on the intended use. A premium line quality ensures optimal performance. Depending on individual requirements, there are different layers available including monolayer, 2-layer, 3-layer and 5-layer lines. There are two types of lines depending on ;This machine uses LDPE and LLDPE to produce casting stretch film, which is widely used in packing area for building material, auto parts, hardware parts, etc. This high-speed ;This display will replace the Bally A5-2518-58 / Stern A-645 7-digit display part number used on many machines from 1980 to 1986. Yellow-orange digits match the original display ;The machine stretch film is low noise unwinding and a reliable transport protection for your products. Characteristics: Available in the widths 125 mm, 250 mm and 500 mm; Transparent or opaque black / white; Self-adhesive on one side / absolutely smooth;

Thin Polymer Film Uniaxial Stretching (MDO)

A small stretching machine that can stretch up to 300 mm long film (1 mm 200 mm wide) film. A table-top machine direction orientation machine (MDO) that can stretch small rolls of polymer film > 100 m long (up to 300 mm ;The winning product is 555 NetRollREC60 + HandyNet: ultra thin stretch film without cardboard core and with 60% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled). Read more INNOVATION The film par excellence The stretch film! We have decided to specialise in a specific packaging sector, with the aim of standing out for innovation and sustainability. Our ;This film is created by molten resin is sent through a large extruder which forces a thin layer of film over a large drum that is cooled. The resulting cooled layer of ;Product Types. Our regular film types for different stretch are as follows: Manual Film: Maximum pre-stretch 100%. Standard Film: Maximum pre-stretch 150%. Power Film: Maximum pre-stretch 200%. Power Film Plus: Maximum pre ;STONE WOLFPAC 2500 Smooth Drum Compactors Price:USD $3,500 Get Financing* Machine Location:Martinsville, Indiana 46151 ROPS:None Serial Number: Condition:Used Stock Number:12221 Drum Width:32 in Number of Drums:2 Compare B&R Equipment Martinsville, Indiana 46151 Phone:(765) 722-7014 visit our website View ;Our stretch film has a great variety of applications as an industrial packaging product. Our stretch film wraps are also available from 60 gauge to 120 gauge for various load types. Select your Hand stretch film Hand Stretch

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thermal evaporation ion beam-assisted thin-film Can be integrated in existing MBRAUN gloveboxes (through antechamber) For substrates up to 50 x 50 mm wafers Compact design Economic solution Short delivery time Fast and easy installation Easy retrofit in existing gloveboxes •PVD deposition machine FTC-2800 thin-film;WT-2L500 Double-layer Co-extrusion Stretch Film Making Machine WT-2L1000,1500 Double-layer Co-extrusion Stretch Film Machine WT-2LB1000 Stretch Film Double-layer Co-extruding Machine WT-500,1000,1500 Single-layer Stretch Film Making Machine WT-1000-90/60 High-speed Stretch Film Making Machine WT-ZIP45 Plastic Zipper Extruder Machine;ClassicX blown stretch film extrusion machine line is Jinming's mid-end customized and high-output series with the standard parameter and the customization based on customers' actual production needs and processing conditions. This 3-5 layer extrusion non-barrier stretch film extrusion machine line is designed for stretch film making to meet