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Nassau Paradise Island promotes savings for air-inclusive travel, San Diego’s Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa offers discounts, Smuggler’s Cove in the Keys cuts rates;Swiss-based MSC Cruises is upping its game next year by offering passengers a full-on wellness program similar to those upscale land-based resorts that combine nutrition, classes and activities;Sigma Stretch Film is North America's most reliable and consistent stretch film available. Sigma is the simple solution for all your stretch film needs.;• Pre-stretch levels up to 250%. Sigma magnum cast. High Performance Film.  The Latest Innovation from Sigma Stretch Films.;Sigma Stretch, located in New Brunswick NJ, is an innovative and efficient hand and machine stretch film manufacturer for a broad range of transportation environments.;Sigma Stretch Film is investing in both cast and blown film technologies to expand capacity. Sigma plans to start up a five-layer blown stretch film line in its

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SIGMA STRETCH FILM opened its first manufacturing facility in November 1993. During the last 15 years, the company has evolved into the leading manufacturers of ;Located 20 miles south of Bimini and 65 miles east of Miami, the desert island will be transformed into a new beach destination that will be used exclusively by MSC Cruises passengers starting in late 2017.;SIGMA STRETCH FILM opened its first manufacturing facility in November 1993.  SIGMA STRETCH FILM is a division of the Sigma Plastics Group.;Stretching Film's Limits . By: Jan HThe world’s first nine-layer stretch-film line at Sigma Stretch Films doesn’t use mLLDPE.