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Oct 29, 2010 ·Where is the stretch ceiling system used? The range of applications is practically unlimited: from apartments and houses to offices, hotels, pools ;How Much Does a Stretch Ceiling Cost? Need a pro near you?At Usa-stretch-ceilings.com, the price of a stretch ceiling starts at $7.40 per square foot.;Stretch Ceilings offers an independent Stretch Ceiling System inc Lighting Diffusers, Acoustic Ceilings, Suspended Ceilings, Bespoke Features and Swimming Pool Ceilings;Products: Film: shrink; shrink film; bubble wrap; film: biodegradable; film: flexible; film: stretch; film  Roll-O-Sheets Canada Limited Barrie, ON.;In February 2013, IPG® consolidated its North American shrink film production into one facility in Tremonton, Utah.  6. CANADA.