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Results 1 24 of 228TotalPack® Shrink Mini Wrap with Dispenser: Stretch Film Plastic Wrap 6 Pack Industrial Strength Hand Stretch Wrap, 5"x 1,000 FT, 80;§ Hand held stretch wrap system which binds strongly but doesn’t stick to products.  Hand stretch wrap dispenser. § Safer and easier to use than plastic plugs.;Company’s research and development is focused in part on making lighter engine parts that contribute to improved fuel economy in electric cars;Canada and Mexico's auto parts dispute with Japan is holding up a Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, but Mexico's growing auto output makes it arguably a more vital ally for the United States;Discover Stretch Wrap Machines & Strapping Tools and other Packaging & Shipping Supplies at MSC Industrial Supply. Over 1 million products that ship and ;Hand Held Mini Stretch Wrap Bundling Dispenser w/Mandrel 51601.Hand held stretch wrap dispenser. Duck Brand Stretch Wrap, 20 in. x 1000 ft.,

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2 (1 Pair) Stretch Film Pallet Shrink Wrap Hand Saver protector dispenser1 Standard 3" Core Handle Hand Held Dispenser Holder Stretch Shrink Wrap.;Hand Held Stretch Wrap Dispensers Are Used For Commercial And Industrial Packaging And Shipping Applications.;A stretch wrap dispenser is used to manually apply stretch film for bundling and palletizing operations. Hand Held Stretch Dispensers can be used with bundling film and hand stretch film.;The Vestil SW-HAND-BG handheld stretch wrapper has a bicycle-style handle on top and a curved handle on the side, can hold a roll of stretch wrap film ;Highlights of real estate activity in the Houston area:The first 50 adult shoppers will receive a $10 store gift card and the first 200 shoppers will receive a Dollar General tote bag.Houston-based Baker Katz has completed a 7,000-square-foot