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Standard banding film sizes range from 3″ to 5″. However, our technology allows us to provide widths from 1″ to 70″, including fractional measurements. We carry a variety of blown and cast films from 28 gauge to 500 gauge, high strength “equivalent” films, one-sided cling (OSC) films, and pre-stretched films.;Cast Machine Stretch Film: Quote. 20 in. Blown Machine Stretch Film. SKU Width Length Thickness Color Type Get Quote; : 20" 4400' 100: Clear: Blown Machine Stretch Film: Quote. : 20" 5000' 80:Cast Machine Grade Stretch Film 50 Gauge 20" x 9000' 20" Width; 9000' Length; 50 Thickness; Clear Color; Get Quote. 20 in. Cast ;GAP-CO designed this handy stretch film conversion chart to quickly convert your film from one measurement to another. We’ve also included a few key terms used for stretch film. ;It is related to the ability of a plastic specimen to resist changes of shape without cracking. The elongation is calculated as the relative increase in length. Elongation = ɛ = (ΔL/L) x 100 Where: ΔL: Final Length L: Initial Length Elongation at Break is measured in % (% of elongation vs. initial size when break occurs).;Gauge is one way to measure the thickness of a material. Stretch wrap typically comes in gauges ranging from 37 to 150. Gauge can be converted into mils, microns or other ;1.4.2 Strain-gauged element. Figure 1.14 (a) shows the basic form of an electrical resistance strain gauge. Strain gauges consist of a flat length of metal wire, metal foil strip, or a strip of semiconductor material which can be stuck onto surfaces like a postage stamp. When the wire, foil, strip or semiconductor is stretched, its resistance R

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GAP-CO designed this handy stretch film conversion chart to quickly convert your film from one measurement to another. We’ve also included a few key terms used for stretch film. Gauge: A standard unit of measurement for film thickness. Micron: The metric measurement for measuring film thickness. One Micron is equal to one millionth of a meter.;The interlocking-based strain-gauge sensor presented here can detect multiple ‘skin-like’ mechanical loadings (pressure, shear and torsion) using metal-coated, high-AR polyurethane-based;The common advice when it comes to stretch film is “thinner is better.”. The idea is that by reducing the thickness or gauge of the film you can reduce costs. This is true in many situations, but not always. For example, we met with a customer who is a big manufacturer of consumer goods, during the site visit, we took a look at their ;SuperFLEX brand high performance stretch wrap products are light gauge stretch films used to effectively replace traditional heavier gauge stretch film. StretchFLEX brand standard duty stretch wrap products have a reputation for reliability and consistency. StretchFLEX products are the right choice for applications where heavier gauge ;Gauge is usually reserved for thicknesses below 1 mil. Mils is a US unit of measure and Micron (um or Micrometer) is a metric system measurement of thickness. Microns measurements are usually rounded to the nearest whole integer. Blow film thicknesses are controlled by the size of the “bubble” that forms when extruding the plastic.;With flexibility and durability in abundance, this high-grade product should be high on the list of anyone who needs a solution for shipping, MORE RESULTS 2pack 5 Inch Stretch Wrap Film with Plastic Handle, 80 Gauge Thick, 1500ft, Clear Plastic Pallet Shrink Film for Moving Supplies Self-Adhering Plastic Wrap Film (5inch 2pack)) 12 $1499$15.99

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Stretch-wrap films are commonly made of PE (LLDPE, VLDPE, Plastomers), but also PVC is used. Critical properties of stretch wrap film are elastic recovery and break strength, but also ;1 Woman-owned distributor of stretch film. Stretch secures load on a skid and can be hand or machine, cast or blown, 3" to 30" widths, 30-120 gauge, pre-stretch, 1-sided 2-sided cling, tinted films, pre-printed film rolls, hand rolls with extended core handles, anti-static films, also full line of stretch equipment dispensers. Brands;Stretch Film. TUFflex™ Stretch Film Products are defined by their durability, ease-of-use and ability to reduce stretch film costs. Plus they come with the added benefit of working with Veritiv, so you can find the exact product you need, when you need it. Selecting the right stretch film can be an overwhelming process.;High stretch; Low gauge; High-performance; Strong cling; Superior Load Containment; Types. Types. Blown Film. Superior load-holding capacityIf you’re still applying stretch film by hand, it’s time to consider all the hidden (or maybe not-so-hidden) costs involved. A stretch wrapper has the ability to wrap products quickly, efficiently ;That standard most often ranged from 60 gauge to 150 gauge, and was able to secure between 1,500- and 3,500-pound loads. Over the years, 80 gauge stretch film became the industry standard and is now known as the most versatile stretch film thickness on the market. Today's most common options include: Standard or “true gauged” stretch wrap;• Soft stretch film is designed to offer high secondary stretch values Gauges Commonly available gauges range from .6 mil to 3.0 mil Width Machine film width ranges from 10-70 inches Hand film width ranges from 10-18 inches

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It harnesses the power of a 60 gauge wrap and is suitable for loads up to 1,800 lbs. 60 gauge stretch wrap is a true-gauged film, which means it will measure exactly 60 microns. Similar to 47 gauge film, this stretch wrap is suited for ;High Performance Micron Film Thickness ranging from 32 64 gauge High Performance Pre-stretched Thickness ranging from 24 40 gauge Manual Application Thickness ranging from 65 120 gauge Cast Stretch Film (Phoenix, USA) Machine Application High Performance Machine Film Thickness ranging from 47 120 gauge Ultra High Performance ;80 Gauge. The most common gauge in all stretch wrap. Known to be very versatile and handle a variety of applications. Ideal for loads up to approx. 2200-2400 lbs. 80 gauge is the most