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Seasonal DOUBLE GLAZING FILM KIT. An economical alternative to double glazing.  An economical alternative to double glazing. Simply apply the special tape around the window(s) to be glazed and press the cle;DOUBLE GLAZING FILM DRAUG has been added to your Basket.  Product description. The insulation film fits to the window with the self-adhesive tape supplied. the film is then tightened by applying heat with a hair dryer.;Window insulation film is a plastic film which can be applied to glass windows to reduce heat transfer. There are two types in common use designed to reduce heat flow via radiation and convection respectively.; Jeff Brown worked as a contractor for double glazing company Safestyle UK ;4. Place double sided tape around the window frame, press firmly to help it stick. 5. Then, take the backing off the double sided tape. 6. Attach the plastic film to the window FRAME, not the ;How to do simple double glazing with window insulating filmIn this GIY project we insulate a timber sash window with window insulation film.How to Weatherize Windows with Plastic Film

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Quality DIY double glazing in Melbourne, self installation, at a low cost. Make your windows double glazed, at great prices. Call us on 03 9796 4030.;Plastic Stockist provides an excellent range of glazing plastics which are an excellent alternative to glass. View our prices and buy online today!;Technology behind double glazing may be established well, but using film to achieve the same results proves to be a better option. Find out why.; The woman was sold two doors totalling almost £6,000 when all she allegedly needed was a door handle