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Auto-focus contact lenses that help you see in the dark thanks to liquid film

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison have developed an artificial eye that could lead to contact lenses that automatically adjust to give a long-sighted wearer perfect vision.;I have been using Premier Shoe Stretch Liquid for at least 20 years and have not found anything that works better. I often need to adjust the fit of my new shoes to accommodate;Shoe Stretch Liquid formula permanently stretches and softens shoes, boots and gloves made of leather, suede, or reptile skins.;I seem to remember once using this stuff and reading on the label that it was just isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), and nothing more. A lot cheaper to ge;How to Make Liquid Shoe Stretch Shoe stretching solutions are used on shoes that are tight and need a little stretching for them to fit your feet. They are easily available in different stores and shops, but if you cannot get your hands on them;The 31-year-old yoga instructor showed off her impeccable physique on Friday, wearing only a tiny black bikini as she lifted her chest and rested her head back to perform fish pose.

Volcanic hydrothermal fields in Ethiopia that look like an alien planet

The Dallol Volcano, in Ethiopia, is an endless yellow-orange landscape, its craters stretching for miles around. There are also a number of hot springs, which discharge brine and acidic liquid.;Leather shoes can often be stretched using a liquid shoe stretch product. You can save money by making your own with products you probably have around the house. This is a guide about homemade liquid shoe stretch.;Leather shoes respond well to stretching with a liquid shoe stretch solution. Plastic or wooden shoe stretchers can also be inserted into shoes that have been treated with the;Shoe stretching liquids, like shoe trees and other footwear stretchers, are designed to give the material of your shoes a little bit of extra give.