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Affordable Color Tinted Stretch Film! $82.53 Colored Hand Stretch Film (3" Core) Color Code Shipments! $104.05 $125.77 Opaque Hand Stretch Film (3" Core) Protect ;Our light-weight stretch films are available in different colours, film sizes, grades, and paper core sizes depend on your needs and requirements, subject to minimum order. We also ;

Colored Stretch Film Stretch Wrap for Pallet fengge00Stretchtape’s colored stretch film is used to organize and identify pallets and products. Our color offerings include black, white, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and red. Colored stretch film is perfect for color-coding pallet loads by date, product type, shipping location, or to simply distinguish products for customers.;Nano stretch film is a highly elastic-plastic material used to wrap items and secure them on pallets. It is a new technology of multi-layered stretch film. One of the greatest benefits of nano stretch film is that it can reduce the ;Colored stretch film ideally used to display functional area and status of product. It is also used as per its grade and destination. > High elongation > Good retention of load Better stability > Crystal clear appearance made reading easy of barcodes > Consistent wrapping > Tear resistant > Least number of layers need to be applied Stretch Films;Available with different colors blue, green, and red and white. By simply making differentiate with Coloured stretch film, it is very easy to deliver the pallet as per need and saves expanses and time. Call Now. Request More Info. de_admin; 07.10.2020; Packaging-Items; 0

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Stretch Film Stretch Film 38 product (s) found Sort by: Title ascending View: 12" X 1500' 80 GA BLOWN Item No. 19341 12" X 1500' 80 GA BLOWN STRETCH FILM 4RL/CASE 60CS/SKID Add to cart 15" x 1500 30GA BULK Item No. 19244 15" x 1500 30GA BULK PRESTRETCH 168/SKID Add to cart 15" X 1500 30GA CASED PRESTRETCH HAND ;Protection against UV light. Prevents discoloration of goods. Pallet identification. Mark certain pallets by productionday, productgroup or destination. White stretchfilm, black stretchfilm and most standard colours or available from stock. The standard width is 50cm, the standard thickness is 20-23my.;Yellow Extended Core Color Stretch Film: Quote. Colored Hand Stretch Film . . Blue Tinted Hand Stretch Film 80 Gauge 15" x 1500' 15" Width; 1500' Length; 80 Thickness; Blue Color; Get Quote. . Green Tinted Hand Stretch Film 80 Gauge 15" x 1500' 15" Width; 1500' Length; 80 Thickness;;Suitable for use in food areas, these coloured films allow quick identification at a glance of different products or as opaque for product security. Get In Touch Today For A Competitive Quotation On Your Specification Of ;Description Color Stretch Film is ideal for warehouse color coding, dating inventory, identifying international shipments, or providing tamperproof evidence. Colored stretch wrap can also keep you organized by ;Blown stretch film is ideal for wrapping and protecting boxes and cartons in transit. Available in 6 thicknesses and 2 widths, it provides a versatile layer of protection for products of all sizes and resists tears and punctures. It also performs well in extreme temperatures and is perfectly suited to deep freeze storage.

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Colored Stretch Wrap Film Get Best Quote Approx. Rs 185 / Kilogram Get Latest Price Product Details: Coloured Stretch Wrap Films are a highly stretchable plastic film commonly made from Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the products tightly bound.;Soft StretchWrap FilmColouredPe Heat Resistant Plastic Transparent Packaging FilmPE Colored Shrink Wrap StretchFilm Shenzhen Chengxing Packing Material Co., Ltd. US $0.10-$2.50 / roll 1.0 roll(Min. Order);Characteristics of the hand film: purpose manual packaging material used LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) width 500mm (other widths are also available according to the customer’s request) thickness 13μm 35μm length or weight according to the recipient’s wishes internal diameter of the sleeve φ50 stretching 180%;The most common stretch wrap material is Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). Many of the stretch films are only stretched to about 100-300% in use. Once stretched, it is used to keep the load tight. But they also come in a variety of speciality films, such as: UV stretch film Vented Pallet Wrap Anti-static stretch film Coloured Stretch film;Our light-weight stretch films are available in different colours, film sizes, grades, and paper core sizes depend on your needs and requirements, subject to minimum order. We also produce super thick stretch film (40mic 70mic) that is commonly used to provide excellent protection for heavy duty application, for example in paper industry.;4 Rolls 500mm x 400m 25UM Black Hand Stretch Film Cast Pallet Wrap $ 77.66 inc. GST Qty: 4 rolls Width: 500mm Length: 400m Thickness: 25um Core: 50mm (2-inch) Colour: Black Add to cart Hot Pallet Wrap, Stretch Films 4 Rolls 500mm x 400m 25UM Clear Hand Stretch Film Cast Pallet Wrap $ 68.90 inc. GST Qty: 4 rolls Width: 500mm Length: 400m

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We are using machines imported from Europe to provide the best quality Pre-Stretch Film. Please contact us on +91- or email us infotilakpolypack.com for quotations or other details. Standard Sizes ;Colour tinted stretch film is excellent for a broad type of applications. Hence, these films are ideal for warehouse colour coding or dating inventory. Even our customers would use an opaque stretch wrap to protect and conceal pallets. Thus, in the same way, others would use clear pallet wrap to be able to see products sitting on a pallet quickly.;Blown stretch film results from the process of blown extrusion, which is when melted plastic is pumped through a circular die. This creates a thin, walled tube. Once air is allowed into the tube, the stretch tube can move to the desired width. Once this is accomplished, cool air is blown onto the film to cool it.