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Product overview. Designed to perform in the most demanding environments, the AirOFilm Stretch stretchable vented stretch film, is perfect for products wrapped on either semi or fully automatic wrappers that are fitted with power pre-stretching systems with pre-stretch 150%, 200% and 250% stretching.. New improved formula. Every perforated pre ;Stretch film is essential for grouping, palletizing, handling and shipping your products. It stretches to fit the contours of the products requiring wrapping while maintaining the integrity of the overall load and making it possible to handle a wide variety of items. In short, stretch film is the key to effective palletizing.;Their stretch capacity is up to 300% and their differential tack gives them great pallet holding properties. A low unwind noise makes cast films ideal for use in quieter working environments. By contrast, blown films have a maximum stretch of 250%, yet still offer high strength and puncture resistance.;The mini stretch film is a stretch wrap obtained by slitting the parent film of the stretch wrap. Welcome to Deruna International, Exported to 80+ Countries, Factory Price! 0086-;; We can provide samples for free Send your needs: Home; About Us.;Stretch Film Stretch Film 38 product (s) found Sort by: Title ascending View: 12" X 1500' 80 GA BLOWN Item No. 19341 12" X 1500' 80 GA BLOWN STRETCH FILM 4RL/CASE 60CS/SKID Add to cart 15" x 1500 30GA BULK Item No. 19244 15" x 1500 30GA BULK PRESTRETCH 168/SKID Add to cart 15" X 1500 30GA CASED PRESTRETCH HAND ;STRETCH FILM Outstanding Quality, Cost-Effective Stretch Film We strive for quality in products and services through technology and innovation to help our customers reduce unsellable. With excellent films, we will also

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Polyethylene pallet stretch protects your products against damages, moisture and rain to be born during storage or transportation. It wraps your products properly with its coefficient of elongation and resistance characteristics and decreases the cost for being lightweight. All of our products are 100% recyclable. Manuel or Automatic.;The high technical level of production equipment guarantees production of qualitative stretch film corresponding to requirements of technical standard Technical Conditions TU 25.2--001-2009.Products Sirius certified according to UkrSePrO, ISO 9001, meet TU and has sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on the safety of its use in the food industry.;2 Stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film made of polyethylene (PE) based materials and is widely used for pallet wrapping to secure loading for efficient transit handling and storage. Our stretch film plant is strategically located at Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia and within the West Port vicinity.;Stretch film for load securement Stretch film secures lightweight products and heavy goods on pallets. The stretching and overlapping of the film layers wrapped around the packaged product provides firm and secure film bonding with excellent adhesion properties. The wrapped pallet is extremely stable.;Q1, What Are the Advantages of Using PE Stretch Film? PE stretch films possess excellent barrier properties. This film can protect your products from moisture, dust, dirt, UV rays, and harmful gases. This film is environmentally friendly. It is highly recyclable. This film is prepared from non-toxic raw materials.;$ 4,140.00 $ 5,450.00 Price Matching Available AirOFilm products are high performance breathable stretch films, satisfying customers’ requirements in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable.

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4 Rolls 500mm x 400m 25UM Clear Hand Stretch Film Cast Pallet Wrap $ 68.90 inc. GST Qty: 4 rolls Width: 500mm Length: 400m Thickness: 25um Core: 50mm (2-inch) Colour: Clear Add to cart Sale Pallet Wrap, Stretch Films 2pcs Handheld Pallet Stretch Wrap Dispenser $ 16.50 $ 9.90 inc. GST Qty: 2pcs Fits Core: 2-inch Colour: Black and Yellow ;Product Price: Rs 145 / Kg Get Best Price. The Prices of Printed Manual LLDPE Stretch Film micron will be discussed according to the Quantity, Specifications Requirements of the Client. Offering you branded "Super Stretch Film" available in 75 mm,100 mm,150 mm,200 mm,250 mm,300 mm,450 mm,500 mm,600 mm,750 mm 900 mm.;We are using machines imported from Europe to provide the best quality Pre-Stretch Film. Please contact us on +91- or email us for quotations or other details. Standard Sizes ;Stretch films are made from linear low-density polyethylene resins. Since its early introduction in the early 70’s, stretch film has become the most important method of ;M.T. De Meuse, in Biaxial Stretching of Film, 2011. 3.1 Introduction. Often, prior to performing evaluations of biaxial stretched film products on commercial or semi ;stretch film manufactured with the use of the CAST film extrusion technology. Stretch film is used for packing and protection of products, ranging from loads bundled on pallets, to individual items of large overall dimensions. 2 DIMENSIONS OF STRETCH FILM Thickness ([µm] (± 1µm) 12 15 17 20 23 30 35 Width [mm] (± 5 mm) 500 500 500 500 500

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SuperFLEX brand high performance stretch wrap products are light gauge stretch films used to effectively replace traditional heavier gauge stretch film. StretchFLEX brand ;2 The modular stretch film machine offers the perfect combination of high output and great flexibility. It is remarkable for its four pre-configured extruder groups (with output of between 1,900 and 3,000 kg/h) and the ;Types of palette wrap and stretch film available. We stock several types of pallet wrap suitable for both machine and hand wrapping. Hand stretch We supply black and clear stretch film suitable for hand wrapping individual parcels or pallets. The film is available on 400m rolls with a width of 500mm.