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Business is booming in blown film for stretch–hood applications. Analysts at Applied Market Information (AMI; Bristol, England) say that in Europe alone the stretch–hood web market will increase by more than 22%/yr through 2007, compared to 5.5%/yr growth for stretch film. Stretch hoods are elastic film tubes used to wrap a stacked pallet.;It is much more cost effective since foil consumption is lower. The circumference of the stretch hood film used to cover the pallet is up to 40% less than the circumference of the shrink hood film used to cover the same pallet. Stretch hoods don’t need any heating process with fire or an oven to be warmed. This results in lower energy ;among all the application fields of plastic film (thickness 0.06mm~0.26mm) in china, most of the film has been used in the packaging industry with the greatest variety and application, including stretch hood film, heavy duty film, heat shrinkable film, etc. whose consumption accounts for about 2/3.industrial packaging is continuously developing ;Stretch Hood machine production rate continues to grow, giving a strong global imprint to the company, and offering cost effective revolutionary solution for the packaging world. 2005 New headquarter, the company growth has never stopped, the new plant expands the production capacity by five times.;Stretch hood film sywmjd T09:47:00+08:00. pe-1. lsm01. lsm02. lsm05. Product description. Compared to heat-shrinkable sleeve film, cold-stretched sleeve film is a more efficient pallet integrated packaging method, which has higher sustainability, lower operating costs and energy consumption.making the production process safer and ;No heat treatment (heat tunnels or flames) is applied during use of Stretch Hood, which eliminates any possible risk and quality concern that may arise due to heat exposure.

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Stretch Hood film provides a very good stability, since the mechanical properties of the film provide support and firmness in all directions and protection of the load on 5 sides. 3. Weather protection The barrier properties of the film ;STRETCH HOOD method stands out from the group by offering superior protection, visibility and holding capabilities for the customers’ products. Along with that, STRETCH HOOD technology provides cost reduction by ;Film for stretch hoods are usually three layer film extruded on coex blow film extruder. Two outer layers have protection purpose and middle layer have high elasticity ;stretch hood film, US $ 1.55 2.5 / Kilogram, PE, 100% raw material, Stretch Film, Packaging Film.Source from Tianjin Maifude Packaging Co., Ltd. on Alibaba.com. MENU ;Aristo. Length Per Roll. 300. Under the strict supervision of our experienced professionals, we are offering an innovative collection of Stretch Hood Film that are ideal where load need five sided protection. Our offered films are manufactured using the best quality raw material and innovative technology to protect the heat sensitive products.;With it’s nicely stretched and smooth surface, stretch hood provides much better optical properties and transparency. Stretch hood does not stick to the goods piled on pallet

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INDEVCO Plastics manufactures 100% recyclable Stretch Hood Film that tightly secures products to pallets for ease of use in high-speed lines using automated pallet packaging systems. Stretch Hood Film keeps loads in storage and ;Our stretch hood film have great performance in tear strength, puncture force and holding force. Stretch Hood is a new blown technical --3 layers coextruded film. It makes the hooding operation with excellent ;Fact sheet: Stretch hood packaging films. Using Vistamaxx and Exceed XP in the core layer and Exceed in the skin layers, our solution has the capability of delivering stretch hood film formulations with significant economic benefits, excellent toughness, adjustable holding force and elasticity, plus very good clarity. View more.;The stretch hood is a tubular film stretched and hauled on the pallet with cargo with goal of fixation and protection of the cargo. During the packaging stretch hood, which is delivered on roll, is cut on particular length, welded on upper side.;INDEVCO Plastics manufactures 100% recyclable Stretch Hood Film that tightly secures products to pallets for ease of use in high-speed lines using automated pallet packaging systems. Stretch Hood Film keeps loads in ;Our products: stretch film for packaging pallet, stretch film for wrapping etc +39 0536 ; infotps-spa.it; a. Home; Who we are;All of the production plants are checked (up to 30 times per second) by industrial metric dispensers which guarantee the following fundamental factors:Stretch Hood: protective film to pack pallets

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We are a leading supplier of flexible plastic packaging and technical films in Korea since 2001. We supply various plastic bag/film products such as Fertilizer and Feed bag, ;Typical stretch hood packaging applications include beverages, packaging food and bottled goods, household appliances, products packed in bags (sand, cement, resins, etc.), packaging materials, and paper and building products. Toughness, high tear and tear propagation resistance with excellent puncture resistance for high package integrity ;People replace stretch wrap film with stretch hood film. The stretch hood film has excellent holding force and extraordinary elasticity, so that it could cover the cargo tightly and prevent the stacked sacks from collapsing. It improves the